issue #4

“Hi Folks,
“Send in your tapes, please. SUB/POP will alternate between a c-60 cassette and a magazine. Okeedokee? Narrow-minded bigots need not apply, though; we want to hook up with open-minded people who flip on all kindsa music.
“Cassettes are the ultimate tool. Unlike records, production and manufacturing can happen – within minutes – in your own living room(!). While we will continue to review independent records, we urge everyone to start making and trading cassettes. Our winter magazine issue will give addresses of as many cassettes as possible (flexi-discs, too)…so please, please, please let us truly sabotage the corporate record industry by ignoring their system completely. Personally, I refuse to allow my thoughts, my values and “our” music to be controlled by an economy based on exploitation and conformity. Network T.V., shopping malls and major record labels are doing their damnedest to homogenize and white-wash our thinking…In order to mobilize any kind of alternative, we need open minds and open lines of communication. We must maintain the network. Let’s decentralize, diversify and keep those local scenes going…O.K.?
x Bruce”
Sub/Pop #4, Introduction, Summer 1981