issue #2

“What We Are All About:
“Sub/Pop is concerned with U.S. bands and independent record labels. We are trying to perceive a network: a possible series of links between points, and points between lines. If we don’t maintain the radically localized approach to music and art that has been spawned by the, ahem, “New Wave”, the CORPORATE MANIPULATION OF OUR CULTURE will flourish as it did so predominantly in the fab ‘70s. We must all become energetic about the fact that there is great music in America; and, that some of the most truly avant-garde pop hysteria is coming out of traditionally boring environments (i.e. Ray Milland from St. Louis). Emphasis: EXPLOSIVE artistic hanky-panky is everywhere. Sometimes it just needs a little support, so…write these bands, communicate, buy their records, do something insane and send it to ‘em in a package…the addresses are here…for a reason. Use them.”
Sub/Pop #2, Introduction, October 1980